Monday, 5 September 2016

Document Required for Filing Health Insurance Claims

A time would come when you would need compensation for your health insurance. When there is need for it, you would need to file a claim to get compensation. You would be required to submit some documents when filing a claim. It is best to have all of these documents when filing the claim. This will help speed up the process of processing your claim.

Claims Form
Your insurer would provide you with a claim form. You have to complete it and append your signature on it.

Medical Bills
You would obviously have acquired bills for your treatment. The insurance company would need the original medical bills as proof.

Drugs Purchased
A more appropriate proof for your treatment is the drugs prescribed and costs. This would also include all case histories, medical reports, discharge summaries, diagnosis, etc.
Unlike what most people think, insurance companies are really willing to render assistance when you are in need. As long as you do not default in premium payment, the insurance company is ever ready to pay out compensation.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Auto Insurance Questions and Tips

You would never be able to get the best auto insurance policy if you are not well acquainted with the insurance. One of the ways to achieve this is by asking the right questions. Some of these questions include

How High is Your Risk?

One of the most commonly used words in insurance is risk. Everything is dependent on your risk assessments. The insurance company would check in details some factors to determine your risk. It is with this your perceived risk that your premium rate will be determined.

Tip: To get the best from your insurer, you have to minimize your risk. There are several ways to lower your risk and ultimately lower your premium.

Are You Eligible for Discounts?

Every insurer offers one form of discount or the other. The only way to be certain that yours does is by simply asking. Taking advantage of discounts would not only help you save up on cash, you could also use it to add more coverage to your policy.

Tips: Know exactly what coverage you want. This way you would know how to use discounts to your advantage.

How to Select from Your Insurer's Empaneled Hospitals

Health insurance basically covers your medical expenses when needed. Getting coverage for all medical expenses is good in itself but also important is the quality and expertise of the hospital. Health insurance companies usually have hospitals registered under them. Usually clients are given the option of getting treatment from these hospitals. Using these hospitals makes treatment payment easier and faster. All that is needed is a medical report from the hospital to your insurer.

Before you just go ahead and settle for any hospital, you have to consider some things. If you have a specialized illness that needs special attention, you have to check to see if these impaneled hospitals have your required specialty. The more varied specialties of the hospitals, the wider your chances for getting the best treatment. This means you could easily be referred to any of the hospital, if needs be.

The location of the hospital should be another factor to consider. Nobody plans to fall ill and this makes it more unpredictable. You should ensure the hospital is within an easily reachable distance. If you have a terminal illness, then this is even more mandatory. Don't just be in a hurry to buy the insurance without duly taking all of this into account.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Car Accidents: Health Checks

Being involved in a car accident is a terrifying ordeal for anyone to go through. At that point, lots of questions start running through your mind. While it would be understandable to take a look at it from an insurance point of view, it is best we start from a health standpoint. If or when you get involved in an accident, here are few health tips to follow.

Check Yourself
The first person you have to check for injuries is yourself. Start by moving your arms and legs. If no pains or injuries, try moving your entire body. If you have an injury, no matter the extent, place a call to emergency services. Don’t try to move as you may end up complicating your injuries.

Check on Other Passengers.
If and only if you have no injuries or you are not too hurt, go and check on other passengers in your car. If there are any injuries, call emergency services immediately.

Get to a Safe Place
Staying put inside your car doesn’t count as the safest of places to be in. chances are that you may be in shock. Try and get out of the car, if you don’t have serious injuries, and stay on the sidewalks or side of the road. Remember to turn on your hazard lights to notify other road users that your vehicle is immobile.

Wait for Help
Do not take matters into your hands, especially if you are not trained for it. As long as you contacted the emergency services, help will come in a matter of minutes.