Monday, 5 September 2016

Document Required for Filing Health Insurance Claims

A time would come when you would need compensation for your health insurance. When there is need for it, you would need to file a claim to get compensation. You would be required to submit some documents when filing a claim. It is best to have all of these documents when filing the claim. This will help speed up the process of processing your claim.

Claims Form
Your insurer would provide you with a claim form. You have to complete it and append your signature on it.

Medical Bills
You would obviously have acquired bills for your treatment. The insurance company would need the original medical bills as proof.

Drugs Purchased
A more appropriate proof for your treatment is the drugs prescribed and costs. This would also include all case histories, medical reports, discharge summaries, diagnosis, etc.
Unlike what most people think, insurance companies are really willing to render assistance when you are in need. As long as you do not default in premium payment, the insurance company is ever ready to pay out compensation.

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