Monday, 15 August 2016

Auto Insurance: Dealing with Driving Distractions

More often than not, auto crash or collisions can be fatal or severe. Yet, many of us still get carried away when we are behind the wheels. One would expect that with all the awareness of the dangers of allowing distractions while driving, we would have fewer accidents on the road. Here are some common distractions many drivers have to deal with while driving.


In today's world, this is the most common distraction for drivers. There are laws against it but this is one law we mostly enjoy breaking. Texting or talking on the phone when driving distracts us from looking ahead. Many people think they are gifted with the power of multitasking and usually discover too late that they aren't.

Makeup Sessions

This is mostly common for the ladies. No one asked you to leave home late or wake up early or engaged yourself in activities that made you think your car is your alternative beauty salon. All makeup or hair adjustment takes your eyes off the road, no matter how quick you think you may be. Accidents usually occur quickly too, just so you know!


This is yet another distraction we are all guilty of. If you haven't eaten in your car while you drive, then you probably haven't been driving for long or you don't drive regularly. Eating also creates distractions for you when you drive.

Adjusting Car Gadgets

There's no need limiting it to just the radio as there are many things that can need adjustments in the car these days. GPS and smoking materials are just but a few of those. You have to agree that it reduces your concentration when you attend to these things.

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