Friday, 12 August 2016

Do You Really Need auto Insurance?

John was like every young man who just got married and tried to live life to the full. He had bought a Dodge Dart and loves to take the car for a spin. He has always had a thing for fast cars and the Dodge Dart just gives him just about the kind of speed he desires. Just like every weekday afternoon, he parked the car just outside his restaurant. He came out at noon only to discover his car was nowhere to be found. Obviously he was distraught but not to the extent to forget to contact the police and insurer.

In no distant time, the police arrived and he requested for the officer’s name and contact information, as well as a formal documentation of the incident. The insurer called John back and scheduled a meeting for him and an adjuster. The adjusted arrived the same day and also made analysis of the event and made his report. Since john was smart enough to collect the officer’s contact information, he handed them over to the adjuster.

John had provided credible evidence that his car was indeed stolen. The adjuster worked with the police on the possible recovery of the stolen car. Furthermore, the adjuster ensured john was kept in the loop on what was going on. After about 4 weeks, the insurance company paid for the filed claim and gave john money to buy another car.

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