Friday, 19 August 2016

Cyber Threats Takes a Whole New Level

While this is the best age to be alive in and definitely be doing business, it also is the age of greatest vulnerability. In times pasts, business owners had to worry about physically protecting their business from theft. These days, we hear of cyber threats and cyber security. If you are still in doubt on whether your business needs cyber insurance, you should take a closer look at what is happening in the world today.

Few weeks ago, the world was awoken to the suspected Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee. This doesn’t even take into account the hack of Ukraine’s power plant or the recent email hack of US Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton. If there is one thing all of the above mentioned reports have in common, is the fact that each one of them had the resources at their disposal to provide their information. Yet, they still fall prey to the menace of cyber threats.

This in no way means you have to rest on your oars of give up entirely since you do not have the resources for your growing business. This is actually a wake up call on why you should take a cyber-insurance policy for your business. Over the years, businesses and governments have come to realize that cyber insurance is the only viable solution to this menace. They are willing to bear the burden and help get your business right back on its feet.

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