Thursday, 14 July 2016

Cyber-Attacks Remains the #1 Threat to Australian Businesses

The internet plays a vital role in today's Australian business sphere. Unlike about a decade ago, the government is fully aware and willing to partner with agencies to bring a stop to these business threats. Even as the world experiences these attacks, there is need for a deeper, more result-yielding solution.

The majority of businesses in the continent fall into the small business category. These businesses are usually ill-equipped or lack good information about cyber hacks. Although big businesses are not left out, most of them are taking active measures to fortify their security systems with up-to-date cyber security tools. It is for this reason that insurance companies like Greater National Group have decided to collaborate with the government in ensuring small businesses are better equipped in such a time as this.

Cyberinsurance policies and packages are being designed to cater for the available budget of these businesses. If this type of cushion is not made available, in a decade from now, most of these small business owners would shut down their business. An Australian economy without the financial support of small businesses is one that will crumble upon its own weight.

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