Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Is It Time to Buy Cyber Insurance?

Usually this kind of question will be asked by business owners with their business still in infancy. The painful reality is that it is still being asked by few big businesses that are yet to fully understand the effect of a cyber-attack to their business. With each passing year, businesses have move a large percentage, if not all, of their data digitally. This makes all this information open for hacks and theft.

So a question like this would only have a befitting answer that suggests how dangerous it has been to have delayed for this long. Cyber insurance doesn't only just look to protect you in times of data breaches; it also provides solutions and tools to help prevent such attack. Every business in this 21st century should have cyber insurance to help protect their business electronically.

Big corporations have in recent time’s fallen prey to the nefarious activities of cyber hackers. These data breaches have run business damages into billions of dollars. While the world comes together to find a lasting solution to these attacks cyber insurance remains the only viable cushion for businesses to use for protection.

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