Thursday, 14 July 2016

Why You Need Flood and Earthquake Insurance

As the world ages, there seems to be a surge in the number of recorded flooding and earthquakes. Human activities have also contributed its quota to this devastating change. Unlike before, as a business or home owner, you may want to consider including a flood and earthquake insurance policy to your existing policy.

General home owner's insurance policy offers coverage for several damages and losses but it doesn't out rightly cover such caused by flood and earthquakes. These policies are often specially included upon request from clients. As you would have guessed, this would increase your premium.

While you may feel this is going to the extreme, you have to check if your area is susceptible to flooding. As the climate changes, water levels are rising all over the world. That your area has never flooded in the past doesn't rule out its possibility. Earthquake is even easier to check and to some extent, predict. Evaluate the cost of repairs and rebuilding your home to be able to ascertain the amount of coverage you would need. It's always better to be prepared than to be sorry. 

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