Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Why Cyber Liability Insurance is No Joke

So after hearing so much about cyber insurance, you still believe your business is somehow invincible to getting hacked. So let’s work with this scenario for moment and see how well you would fair. You are called one early morning by one of your employees to say your website is disabled and you cannot take orders or receive payments. Worse still, you are dealing with a very skilled hacker who has been able to gain access to all of your customer’s names and information; your employees personal information are not left out of this breach too. Simply put; what would you do about such a situation?

While this scenario may not have happened to you, it doesn’t negate the fact that several businesses (some large corporations) have had to deal with damage or loss. At such a time, the only viable assistance you can get is from cyber insurance. Of course this would mean you have already bought a policy in the past. If you haven’t, then you would be among the thousands of businesses that had to learn the hard way. To have put in much effort to keep your business afloat for all these years’ means you really do care about the business. If this is true, them a cyber-insurance policy is too little commitments for you to take lightly, especially in a technologically advanced world like this.

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