Saturday, 2 July 2016

Understanding the Gaps in Auto Insurance

How many vehicles are included in your auto insurance policy? How many drivers are covered by it? For most auto insurance, you, your spouse, and children are covered but there are certain exceptions to this. If you have a child in college, such child should still be covered by the policy. If the child stays off-campus, the policy usually doesn't cover such. Like any other insurance policy, auto insurance is subject to change at any time, depending on changes in your daily lives.

So let's assume you once had an auto insurance policy for your family. In the event of a divorce, such policy would immediately have gaps. No matter how small the change, when something changes in you or your family's routine, it could affect the overall coverage of the auto insurance policy. Other common gaps to look out for include damaged car batteries, tires, shocks, etc. Even in a case of using a rental while your car is being repaired comes with a cap.

Most people only get to know of these gaps after filing for a claim. Then when insurance companies try to explain, they spend money hiring a public adjuster. Ensure you do an annual review of your auto insurance with your insurance broker.

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