Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Cyber Insurance Review - Greater National Group

Since I started my business in 2007, I have never had any cause to need an insurance pay out. Since the inception of my business, I have had a goof business insurance package with Greater National Group. Sometime last year, my business was among those affected by the wild fire. We almost lost everything and it was a devastating time for my family and business. I remember standing and watching my business go up I'm flames as the fire fighters fight to save whatever they could.

My first gleam of hope came when representatives from the GreaterNational Group came over to the house to discuss my options with me. They went over all the entire process with me, ensuring I understood every bit of it. My premium payments were up to date so I had no issues from my side. I was amazed the way the company took responsibility for every bit of loss. In less than 6 months, my business was up and running again. I am forever grateful to the team of professionals at GNG.

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