Saturday, 11 June 2016

Government Partners with Cyber Insurance Brokers to Curb Cyber-Attacks

The US and UK business markets have been one of the major markets hit by cyber-attacks in recent time. Since this has become a global epidemic, governments all over the world have finally agreed to pull resources to tackle this growing plague.

Even the Asian market have not been spared of this malicious attacks as a major market player like Sony had to suffer data breach to these cyber hackers. Cyber-attacks are no longer a continental disease and it seems like even with the upgrade in security technology, cyber hackers too have made an upgrade. To help cushion the effect of these risks and losses, government is partnering with leading Cyber insurance brokers. Cyber insurance brokers would be able to bear the risks and keep these businesses afloat in case of a data breach.

A data breach cannot only affect the reputation of a company; the company could also face legal prosecution from clients. Cyber-attacks are not just small businesses targeted; they hit big businesses that have access to sensitive data of clients. While the world governing powers put heads together to solve this problem once and for all, Cyber insurance brokers have a lot to play to help weather the storm.

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