Friday, 10 June 2016

More Investors Look into Investing In Cyber Insurance

Just as the second quarter of the year is about to end, there are indications that new investors are looking to sink millions of dollars into the Greater National Group (GNG). The company has been a leading name in cyber insurance for the past years. The company since its emergence over 30 years ago has had a successful track record with clients.

It is not surprising that investors are looking to invest in cyber insurance as the market is seemingly profitable. Over the past years, cyber-attacks have been a major menace for both small and big businesses alike. With the wake of all of these, many businesses have moved to secure their business data and software with cyber insurance. Business watchers has predicted that with the rise of cyber-attacks and the frequency of occurrence, cyber insurance is the only way to help brace the impact for these businesses.

These top investors have marked out several cyber insurance brokers to sink their funds into. One of the top names up for consideration is one of Australia's top cyber insurance brokers - GNG. If this move is successful, this would give the company a greater financial standing and portfolio. 

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