Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tips to Protect Your Business Website from Hacking By Top Cyber Insurance Broker

Cyber-attacks are a major concern for businesses all over the world. A major marketing strategy for businesses is to own a website and while this has innumerable advantages, it also possess a level of vulnerability. Cyber insurance has become the only viable protection for businesses that have been hit with cyber-attacks. Although cyber insurance serves to take on associated risks, the professionals at Greater National Group advise that businesses should also be proactive with preventing such attacks.

Businesses should ensure they are up to date with cyber threats, especially when it affects others in the same industry. With such information, these businesses would be able to know how to better protect itself. It is always smart to update software when require as a delay could expose the company to cyber-attacks. The fact is that updates are quite expensive for software companies, so they do it occasionally or when there's known security vulnerability. So when an update is required, it should be done as quickly as possible.

Getting a very tight network security by installing an effective web application firewall is the first line of defense for any company. Although hackers have been able to break through certain firewall, it's usually as a result of a combination of weaknesses in the network security. Keep admin pages hidden as much as possible. When everything else is done, ensure regular backups just in case of any attacks.

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