Tuesday, 28 June 2016

What's the Job of An Adjurer?

If you have ever has a loss or damage and need an insurance company to pay for it, then an adjurer is a word you're probably already familiar with. To help simplify the job description, experts at Greater National Group have outlined some of the activities of an adjurer.

  1. They critically examine your policy to know the extent of coverage it has for your loss or damage.

  1. They ascertain the level of loss or damage and properly document it for reference purposes.

  1. They make a detailed inventory of all your business properties. This includes the undamaged and damaged properties.

  1. If your policy coverage allows it, they calculate the loss incurred by your business as a result of the loss.

  1. If there have been estimates provided for the repairs or replacement of property damaged or lost, the adjuster looks at all of them and compares them to see which is more feasible.

  1. They are experts at filing a claim, so they provide you with all needed information to this effect.

  1. They take back all documented information to the insurance company to start processing your filed claim.

  1. Keep you updated on the progress of the filed claim process.

  1. Ensure you are satisfied with the claim pay out and strengthens the trust bond between you and the insurance company.

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