Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Cyber Insurance Was Our Only Hope

The truth is that there are many more cyber-attacks than actually documented. Most businesses, in trying to do damage control and protect their reputation, do not report cases of cyber-attacks. My business was put to a halt in summer of 2013 when these cybercriminals hacked into my business firewall. We are an accounting firm with lots of personal data on our clients. It was a sad day for all of us in the company as we struggled to see how we could recover some of our data.

At first we wanted to keep things quiet and just see how far we could protect our reputation but after we spoke to the professionals at Greater National Group, they advised otherwise. They not only assisted in recovering what was left of the data loss but also gave tips on how we could prevent such magnitude in the future. In less than a month, the cyber insurance broker was ready to pay us for damages. In all honesty, if not because the company was protected by a reputable cyber insurance broker, we may not have been able to survive through that data breach storm

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