Saturday, 11 June 2016

Why I choose Cyber Insurance

As a IT security professional, I have had the privilege of working in some very good companies. While the job could be demanding, it is usually generally fun. One of the biggest challenges any IT security professional have to face is dealing with high tech cyber-attacks.

When it was time to start my company in June of 2007, among other things, my mind was focused on how well to protect my data from malware, hacks and spyware. Over the past few years, there have been worldwide records of cyber-attacks. Stopping these attacks is what I am legally trained to do but the channels through which they operate are sometimes too enormous to keep track of. I knew at that point that I needed Cyber insurance for my company.

Data breach is something I take seriously, so I set out only to get the best cyber insurance broker I could find. It was fun working with the professionals at Greater National Group as they simplified the entire process of cyber insurance. My company had its first hack sometime in October of last year. Although the damages were not much, GNG was with me all the way. They even went further to offer advice on how to protect my data in case of a future attack. I believe without any doubt that this is what professionalism is all about! 

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