Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why You Need Worker's Compensation Included in Your Business Insurance

Business insurance is all encompassing and contains different sub-types. One of such is worker's compensation policy. This policy protects workers in case of an injury. The policy provides disability benefits, medical coverage, rehabilitation, and death coverage to employees.

Disability Benefits

When an employee is unable to work because he/she is disabled as a result of work injury, disability benefits replaces the wages for that period of time. This policy replaces just a portion of the wages and not necessarily the full wage during that period of time. There are 4 categories of disabilities; Temporary Total, Temporary Partial, Permanent Total, and Permanent Partial.

Medical Coverage

Just as the name implies, this relates to all medical cost incurred by the employee to treat an illness. The medical benefits are paid until the employee fully recovered from the illness. There are several variations as to what is obtain in this coverage as it differs from country or state to the other. Get in touch with any insurance brokers like those of Greater National Group, to provide specific information.


In cases where workers are unable to return to work as a result of a work related injury, this policy provides rehabilitation for such a person. The policy even goes as far as offering psychological rehabilitation to workers who suffer from work related mental injury.


In the case of a death of an employee caused by work related activities, the policy pays benefits to the spouse, children and family in general. The policy also covers all burial incurred costs.

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